The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming

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You will learn in this The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course

Learn the basics of programming using C # 7.
Master Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

Learn how to create variables and change their data types in different ways.

How to use DateTime and TimeSpan
Understand the loops (For, Foreach, but more).
How to change strings (change, delete, insert, substring, and more).
How to use arithmetic operators.
Understand logical handlers.
Work with comparison operators.

Conditional statements (change statements if and when).

Learn classes and understand a variety of classes (static, abstract, partial, impression, and more).
Learn the structures and calculations and how to use them.

Differentiate between classes and structures.

Easily read and write files with C #.

Understand inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction.
Learn about composition, aggregation, and association.

Learn to encrypt and decrypt your data using C #.

Create Caesar ciphers (encryption and decryption) yourself.
Learn to do a variety of techniques.

The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course

Difference between static and non-stationary methods.

How to use repetitive methods.
How to use extension methods.
Understand anonymous methods and how to make them.

Understand the difference between pass by value and pass by value.
The owner of powerful vertical expressions.
How to use optional and named arguments.

Work with arrays, including multi-dimensional arrays and tooth arrays.
Familiarize yourself with advanced concepts (multithreading, reshaping, generics, and more).
Master non-generic collections (ArrayList, hashtables, stacks, queues, and more).
Master Generics Collections (List <T>, Dictionary <K, V>, Sorted List <K, V>, and more).

How to create simple classes, methods, and arguments.
How to debug and find errors in your code easily.

Understand how stocks and queues work with real examples.
How to handle exceptions (exception handling).
How to use the params keyword.

How to use the stopwatch class.
Understand how old tuples and new improved tuples work.
Learn to use NuGet and install packages.

How to work with delegates and events.
Representatives vs Direct Method Calls.
Work with Funk, Action, and Predicate Representatives.

Learn to use the timer in C #.

Speak your application using Speech Synthesizer.

Dynamic and var keywords and the difference between them.
How to use LINQ (Language-Integrated Query)

How to check the C # version and how to change it.
Understand what synchronous programming is.
Understand what asynchronous programming is.
Difference between synchronous and asynchronous programming.
Learn the principles of multi-threading and build multi-threaded applications.
Understand the deadlock and how to solve them.

Understand lock keyword, mutex, monitor, and semaphore.
How to use tasks, manage them, and undo them.
How to work with async and wait with keywords.
Understand what serialization and nationalization are and how to use them.
How to use features and how to create custom properties.

Understand preprocessor instructions and how to use them.
Understand conferences and reforms.
Work efficiently and seamlessly with Visual Studio 2017.
DLL files (dynamic link libraries), how and why we use them.
How to decompress DLL files.
How to Protect Your DLL Files

The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course Requirements

Visual Studio Community (the free version of Visual Studio)

The Complete C# And Object-Oriented Programming Course Description

Hello and welcome to the full C # and object-oriented programming course, you must learn C # and object-oriented programming. It is a collection of multiple courses at once to help you learn and use C # effectively. This course is very comprehensive and effective in the market. Here’s why:

The course will teach you everything you need to know about the powerful C # language.

This course starts with zero experience in programming for you and will be up to object-oriented programming until you reach the advanced concepts and concepts of C # (Asynchronous Programming, LINQ, Generics, Collection).

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