The Complete Electronics Course for Beginners – Module 1

The Complete Electronics Course for Beginners – Module 1 paid course free. You will learn the most fundamental electronics concepts to design and build electric circuits!

  • Understand basic concepts like voltage, current, power, heat and etc
  • Understand working principle of the most important electronic components
  • Use open source circuit simulation tools like Tinkercad and Falstad
  • Identify schematic symbols and simple schematic diagrams
  • Design basic circuits in a simulation environment

The Complete Electronics Course for Beginners – Module 1 Requirements

  • No prior electronic knowledge is needed – just basic algebra
  • No electric components are required


I designed this course for anyone who is curious about electronics. This course is the first module in a series of multi-module courses in electronics. In this course, we will learn the most important electrical engineering concepts. I will explain the basics of electronics in a simple way.

This course is not based on technology or mathematics, so you will easily understand the subject and feel your progress throughout the course.

We will learn by practicing and analyzing simple circuits. But what is really special and valuable about this course is that the course is carefully designed to focus on specific electronic concepts without involving boring or complicated details. If you don’t have any experience with electronic products, that’s okay! Because I designed this course for absolute beginners.

This course mainly focuses on not only providing theoretical details but also providing questions and simulations to explain the importance of lecture topics. Throughout the course, we will use free, easy-to-use, and science-based circuit simulation tools. Such as Tinkercad and Falstad. We will use these simulation tools to check some of our calculations.

There are 3 sections in total:

  • Section 1: Fundamental topics – In this section, you will learn the most fundamental electronic concepts which will help you to start understanding electronics. The section covers variety of topics including how electrons move through the wire.
  • Section 2: Resistors – Probably, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of every electronic device or appliance contain different kind of resistors. In this section, you will really understand where you need to use resistors in your circuits.
  • Section 3: Capacitors – You will learn how capacitors store electrical charge and you will simulate simple RC circuits to understand it better.

Upon completing this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to create simple electronic circuits. However, please note that this course is not heavily math-based because the main goal of the course is to give a simple understanding of widely used electronic concepts and components.

The course is regularly updated with new materials, exercises, tips, and tricks that you can use in your circuits!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious about electronics and would like to have understanding of basic electronics
  • Makers and hobbyists who wants to know how really electronic components work
  • Robotics enthusiasts who mainly deal with programming


The Complete Electronics Course for Beginners – Module 1

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