The Complete Guide to C# & Unity Programming – Build an RPG

The Complete Guide to C# & Unity Programming – Build an RPG paid course free. You will become Master in Unity Engine (2021) and C# Programing By Creating A Role-Playing Game Using Modern Unity Development Technics

  • Aspiring Game Developers that don’t know where to start when it comes to creating games.
  • Learn the fundamentals of C#. Everything from variables, “if” statements and creating an object oriented structure. No prior programming experience necessary.
  • Become a professional programmer by learning “Version Control” a tool used by expert engineers. Not only in game development but in all programming projects
  • Transfer everything you learn from this course into any programming language you choose. Like JAVA, JavaScript, Python, C++ and other object oriented languages
  • A Working Computer or Laptop with minimum requirements to run Unity and Visual Studio (Which aren’t too demanding)
  • The desire and drive to learn how to create a fun and enjoyable game

The Complete Guide to C# & Unity Programming – Build an RPG Course Description

This course is made with the latest content and newest technics used in modern Game Development (Unity 2021)

The best way to learn something is to do it in a really fun way, which is the origin of this course. If you want to learn how all those great games you see are made, there’s no better place to start than this course. This course will make sure you have everything a beginner needs (even if you have no coding experience) and you’ll slowly reach the intermediate level.

That’s not the only reason I chose the main project for this course as a 2D RPG. There is a huge library of game development concepts that we can implement and learn from, but it is very easy to dig deep and start your game development journey (especially if you are a gamer).start).

All of these courses have
been meticulously created, modified, and reworked to provide the best possible experience and maximize learning possible. So not only can you learn a lot, but also the best for your back by leaving this course with lots of tools in your arsenal to continue your journey to the west. the wild that the game will be.

Part 1: GettingStarted

Start by downloading Unity and Visual Studio. Install them and make sure they work. Then write your first code in C #to get used to the Unity interface. Finally, we’ll talk about game design and what you need to do to get started building your
game from scratch.

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Part 2: Player Setup

In this section, you will learn what a leaf is, sprites and how to configure them. ..Learn how to sort levels in Unity. CheckoutCollider and HardObjects to add them to your game objects and see how they start to be affected by physics. Find out how to create animations. You can also understand which combinations of trees can greatly reduce animation difficulty

3: Scene Management

In this section, you can create different levels in your game manager’s unified scene This section explains. And the transition between them. Plus, you’ll learn a very subtle way to make sure you always get to the right place as you move around the world.

Part: Tile Map and Cinemachine

This part is an evolution of the previous one. In addition to adding tags such as photos, you can also download and print with your own custom tileset. You will also discoverCinemachine, a very powerful and modern engine for Unity

. Part
5: Dialogue

In the game,
You will also discover games that do not have a dialogue system. Now add a new NPC to your game. By introducing the method of interacting with the world around you created in section

above,youwill experience the tables and create the user interface that brings yourgame to life. Part 6:
Player Statistics

Again, it‘s not in games,
especially RPGs.Statistics for all characters? He has strength, energy, health, etc. Andheintroduced an upgrade system and XP. Learn about C # loops, a very powerful tool in programming languages. It actually builds the base.

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Part 7: Menu system

This section is rich in art. Creativity means being in full control of your creativity. It doesn’t create anything new, but it puts all the information we’ve considered so far in front of the player for easy player access.

Part 8: Inventory System

This is also a part. You can call it ADVANCED C #to take your coding to the next level. Find out how to list another powerful tool in C #. We learn to collect things. Use advanced C # tools to add them to your inventory and make sure everything is working properly, especially when you remove them. Finally, use these items for your character

9: Shop system and money

I have received these
items and want to sell them…for cash! Who doesn’t like the money? Since we are going to introduce a monetary system, we are essentially creating an economy. We can create a shop where the merchant is based and trade with him with the money we have to buy and the items we have to sell

Part 10: Mission system

This is me in This game is my favorite part. Because we will start adding quests. And that turns our game from a casual game to an RPG. You can take missions, complete them, and be rewarded with items. Some items will only appear after completing certain tasks. It’s really fun.

11: Saving and loading

It is imperative not to lose your RPG progress. Therefore, we will introduce a save and load system. Keep track of the player’s location and the world they are in. We track the items we have in a very sophisticated way. And like everything else you need to save and load

12: Music and SFX

It’s time
to bring this game to life by adding some sound effects and music. Now our game is migrating from static to dynamic. Add background music and special effects.

Item 13 for
each level and each interaction: Main Menu

All games require the main menu. However, it also requires a dynamic main menu. Create a simple menu with a background. But the coolest part of this is how to allow the player to choose whether to continue from the last save or start a new game.

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Part 1: Set up a

a battle system that looks like. But now it’s time to trade for the real thing. We no longer walk or talk to NPCs, it’s WAR time. We are creating a combat system. This is the first step of one of the best scripts you and I have ever written. So fasten your reflective hat and keep it securely in your seat

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  1. Use Visual Studio with Unity in a simple way
  2. How to set a good Game Development environment
  3. Unity Engine are in a simple and comprehensive way
  4. The Basics of C# in the most fun ways possible by creating a game
  5. Use player input to control the behavior of our game
  6. Add different component to game objects
  7. Add gravity and other forces to game objects
  8. Make game objects interact with each other in our game
  9. Add sprite sheets and slice them up
  10. Create Tile assets
  11. How to create levels from our tile assets
  12. Become a ninja problem solver and learn how to go step by step to solve any problem in Game Development and coding
  13. Create animations

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Game Developers that don’t know where to start when it comes to creating games
  • Young programmers who want to learn the basics of coding in a really fun way by creating their own games using Unity’s very simple engine
  • Someone who’s looking to create a 2D Role Playing Game and doesn’t know how to do it easily and efficiently


The Complete Guide to C# & Unity Programming – Build an RPG

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