The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase

The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase free download Paid course from google is a paid course download free. You will Covers Firestore database, Authentication, Firebase Storage, and much more In this complete course.

  1. Firebase with SwiftUI Apps
  2. Storing data information in Firestore data set
  3. Storing nested settled assortments in Firestore information base
  4. Transferring pictures to Firebase stockpiling from SwiftUI Apps
  5. Performing confirmation utilizing Firebase custom verification API

The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase Course Requirements

  • Knowledge of Swift Language
  • Knowledge of SwiftUI
  • macOS Catalina or above
  • Xcode 12 or above
  • iOS 14 or above
  • Passion for learning

The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase Course Description

Firebase is the most famous backend in the portable network and it is utilized in a large number of iOS applications. In this course, you will figure out how to incorporate Firebase in the SwiftUI application. You will fabricate a few SwiftUI applications which will utilize Firebase Authentication, Firestore, Storage and Real-Time Updates. This is a great course with genuine hands-on coding projects. How about we look at the substance of the course.

The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase Course Requirements

  • Information on Swift Language
  • Information on SwiftUI Framework
  • Xcode 12 and iOS 14
  • Google record to get to Firebase comfort
  • No paid programming is required. All applications are made utilizing Xcode.

Getting Firebase:

In this part, you will find out about the Firebase stage. You will likewise find out about the Firestore information base and how it is not quite the same as Real Time Database. At last, you will learn various approaches to structure information in the Firestore information base.


In this segment, you will find out about how to actualize a straightforward TODO List application utilizing Firestore and SwiftUI. This part will show how to perform CRUD activities with Firestore and rapidly get your SwiftUI application incorporated with Firestore information base.

Understanding MVVM Design Pattern

In this part, you will figure out how to actualize MVVM Design Pattern in a SwiftUI application. MVVM Pattern is the favored example when building SwiftUI applications.

Basic food item App

In this part, you will figure out how to actualize a total Grocery App utilizing SwiftUI and Firestore. This application will permit clients to persevere progressive data for each report. Later you will refresh the application to supplant the settled information with settled assortments.

Growths Finger

In this segment, you will figure out how to coordinate your SwiftUI application with Firebase validation, Firestore and even Firebase Storage. The client will pick a photograph from the photograph library or snap a photo. When the image has been chosen, it will be transferred to Firebase stockpiling and afterward the URL will be endured to the Firestore information base under the client recognizable proof.

How about we Chat

In this segment, you will figure out how to make a Chat App called Let’s Chat. This application will exhibit Firestore Real Time Update include and furthermore use SwiftUI iOS 14 ScrollViewReader API to naturally scroll when new messages show up.

Try not to believe me, look at audits from my different courses.

It is astonishing, in addition to the fact that it is clear it explains all my unanswered inquiries. It’s elusive somebody who has a very much itemized quick DS and Algo class. This is a diamond. Much obliged to you Mohammad Azam

This course gives a heap of assets on Swift UI. Incredible clarification, building distinctive applications and expansion of most recent updates makes it a five star course. Much appreciated Mohammad for your important work on giving this course.

Mohammad’s courses are normally remarkable, yet he has placed in a lot of detail into this course. He gives incredible detail in his clarifications. In the event that you have never parsed JSON and are hoping to find out about MVVM plan I would energetically suggest this course.

Elegant course. Very much scaffolded. Each segment is centered around a solitary assignment. One annoyance I have of Udemy courses is the point at which a teacher shows another expertise however home it inside an undertaking that does 10 different things. This is the subsequent course I’ve had with this educator and both are fantastic. Energetically suggested.

In the wake of finishing this course, you will be prepared to fabricate your next SwiftUI application with the Firebase stage.

We should begin!

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Who this course is for:

  1. Developers who need to learn backend improvement utilizing the Firebase stage
  2. Developers who need to take their aptitudes to the following level
  3. Developers who need to figure out how to coordinate Firebase with SwiftUI applications
  4. Developers who need to turn out to be full-stack portable engineers


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