The Complete Rasberry Pi Course with MainFrame

The Complete Rasberry Pi Course with MainFrame. Hands-on tutorial on booting Raspberry Pi for the first time and then installing Mainframe Operating System MVS on it.


  • You need to be familiar about Mainframes to take this course. If you do not know about Mainframes then this course is not for you.
  • No previous programming or electronics knowledge required
  • Raspberry Pi
  • USB mouse
  • USB keyboard
  • HDMI cable
  • Power Adapter for Raspberry Pi
  • Micro SD card

Rasberry Pi Course Description

Welcome to The Complete Rasberry Pi with MainFrame. In this course, i will first teach how to boot up your Raspberry Pi for the first time and then install MVS Turnkey operating system on it.

This can be used to practice JCL and COBOL programs. MVS turnkey system runs on the Hercules Emulator which has the OS/VS2 installed on it.

This is an updated and improved remake of the original Raspberry Pi Full Stack. In this new course, I have updated all of the technologies involved in the current state of the Art, and have also added new content.

This course will expose you to the full process of developing a web application.

You will integrate LEDs, buttons and sensors with Javascript, HTML, web servers, database servers, routers and schedulers.

You will understand why the Raspberry Pi is such a versatile tinkering platform by experiencing first hand how well it combine

This course will focus on the why and make you become much more autonomous with your Raspberry Pi so you will be able to start your own

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projects without having to desperately search for code to copy/paste on the Internet. My personal goal is to make you understand enough to get

started in a short period of time, and make you think as a problem solver, with engineer-level thinking skills.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to boot up your Raspberry Pi from scratch
  • You will be able to install Mainframe Operating system MVS on your Raspberry Pi
  • Setting up Rasberry Pi
  • Start directly with the Best Practices
  • Become familiar with Raspberry Pi
  • Learn how to easily prepare SD cards for any Raspberry Pi Operating System

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about Raspberry Pi
  • Mainframe Enthusiasts
  • Raspberry Pi users who feel stuck in their projects and want to get more autonomous
  • If you want to boot up your own Raspberry Pi for the first time, then this course will help you
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to get started with Raspberry Pi and build amazing projects
  • People who want to start robotics projects, home automation, web servers, IoT projects, etc., with their Raspberry Pi

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