The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition]

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Last Updated on March 3, 2021

Updated The Complete React Native + Hooks Course free download Paid Course from google drive. You will build real-world native apps with the help of  React Native. Create truly reusable components that look amazing. Learn the terminology and concepts of Redux. You will build and deploy your own applications to the Apple and Google Play Stores utilizing this course. Increase the speed with React design principles and methodologies. Create mobile design patterns utilized  by experienced engineers

The Complete React Native Requirements

All you need is a basic understanding of Javascript

The Complete React Native Course Description

If you’re uninterested in spinning your wheels learning Swift or Android, this is often the course for you. Authentication? You will learn it. Redux? Included. Navigation? Of course! React Native is a superb solution for developing apps on mobile during a fraction of the time it takes to form the same iOS or Swift app. You’ll love seeing your changes instantly appear on your own device, instead of expecting Swift/Java code to recompile! This quick feedback circuit, alongside excellent cross-platform support, is what has catapulted React Native to the highest must-have skill for Javascript engineers.

If you’re new to React, or if you’ve been working to find out it but sometimes desire you continue to don’t quite ‘get it’, this is often the React course for you! To learn React you have to understand it.

You Will Learn

  • Master the Node Event Loop – see how Node executes your source code.
  • Comprehend the reason for Node, and how the code you compose is in the end executed by C++ code in the V8 motor
  • Add an immense lift to execution in your Node application through grouping and laborer strings
  • Turbocharge MongoDB questions by adding inquiry reserving supported by an exceptionally quick Redis example
  • Scale your application to endlessness with picture and document transfer upheld by Amazon’s S3 record administration
  • Execute a constant reconciliation testing pipeline so you generally realize your task capacities appropriately
  • Think you know it all there is tied in with overseeing treats and meeting? Indeed, you may, however learn much more!
  • Guarantee your application works the manner in which you expect with mechanized program testing utilizing Jest and Puppeteer
  • Reward – learn progressed JS procedures en route, including where to utilize ES2015 intermediaries!

Recommended Course:

I’ve built the course that I might have wanted to require once I was learning React Native. A course that explains the concepts and the way they’re implemented within the best order for you to find out and deeply understand them.

Who is the target audience?
This course is for anyone looking to form native apps with React Native

Created by Stephen Grider
Last updated 4/2020
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 13.16 GB

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