The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router). The Modern React Bootcamp is a three-day course that covers React, Context, NextJS, and Router. The course is taught by John Papa and Brian Ford. Hooks are a way of attaching events to components so that you can react to changes in the state of the application. Context is a way of passing information between components, and nextJS is a library that makes it easy to create reusable components. Router helps you navigate your app’s UI.

The course is designed for developers who already have some experience with React and want to learn more about how to use it in a web application. The course starts with an overview of React, including how it works and what its components are. Next, the course covers Context, which is a library that makes working with React easier. Finally, the course covers NextJS, which is a JavaScript framework that helps you create modular code and navigate the DOM.

React is a JavaScript framework that helps you create modular code and navigate the DOM. Context is a library that makes working with React easier. NextJS is a JavaScript framework that helps you create modular code and navigate the DOM.

Status management w / use Reducer + use Context (Redux Lite)

React Basics (properties, status, etc.)
Master Reactor Line
Create tons of projects, each with a beautiful display
React State pattern management
Drag and drop with React
Summary of compositional elements w / JSS
Patterns for the Common Core Method
Work with tons of libraries and tools
Integrate UI libraries like Material UI and Bootstrap into your React apps
React Design Patterns and Techniques
Read the ins and outs of JSS!
Learn how to easily use React to build responsive apps

The Modern React Bootcamp Course Requirements

You need some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you don’t need to be an expert.
You do not need JavaScript advanced information. ES7 features are described in the study as we attend.

The Modern React Bootcamp Course Description

Welcome The Modern React Bootcamp excellent online React reading resource! Published on April 2020, this course is brand new and features the latest in React. This education follows the same React curriculum my students follow in person in San Francisco, where students have gone on to find jobs in places like Google, Apple, Pinterest, and Linkedin. This is the most creative React course online, and it is the only course based on the REAL Bootcamp curriculum that has been tried and tested in the classroom.

This The Modern React Bootcamp course builds one concept at a time, introducing each new topic in a body or a skillfully designed project to test your knowledge. It includes the best types of good exercises, projects, and games we create from scratch. Sometimes we combine things to give you a broken React app and ask you to fix it or use the code. Check out the promo video to see a few exercise classes. The lesson culminates in one great foundation project, the largest project I’ve ever built for any of my online courses. I’m very happy with it 🙂

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Recommended Course:

React is JS’s most popular library, and there has never been a better time to read it! Companies around the world are turning to React to help manage their JavaScript confusion, including major tech giants like Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber. Rection is regularly voted on by the developer’s pre-eminent and most sought after the draft, and it’s clear why! React is a pleasure to use, and makes writing JavaScript code even more breezy.

If you are new to frameworks, React is the first appropriate learning platform. It’s easy enough to learn the basics, but it doesn’t teach you bad habits. Even if you are already enrolled in another React course, this course is well worth your time in the gym and projects on your own! This curriculum is a product of two years of development and iteration in the Bootcamp classroom. All lectures, exams, and projects have been shortened and improved based on real student feedback. You will not find anything else online that is created and customized for this course.

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The Modern React Bootcamp


Learn React, from the basics to advanced topics such as React Router, Higher-Order Issues and Hooks, and Content API.
Create a great app for large stones, complete with drag and drop, animation, route modification, complex form validation, and more.
Learn new at React, including Hooks (my favorite part of React!). We build a complete app using Hooks, including many custom hooks.
Learn status management using the user context and the seducer hook, to simulate other Redux operations.
You get tons of detailed information and cheat sheets that you can refer to when you need them. Think of it as a React book that you can read at any time if you’re tired of videos.
What you get:

250+ videos
Active, active, active slide

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