The pfSense Fundamentals Bootcamp 2021

The pfSense Fundamentals Bootcamp paid course free for all. You will Secure your Home Network or Business using the pfSense firewall with confidence in this complete course.

  • Operating a pfSense firewall with confidence by understanding all of the fundamental functions
  • How to install pfSense on VirtualBox and how to set up a pfSense lab
  • How to install pfSense on any physical (hardware) appliance from scratch
  • Configuring the pfSense DHCP server
  • Configuring pfSense DNS and changing DNS servers
  • Everything you need to know about firewall rules
  • Managing and backing up pfSense configuration files (including backup history!)
  • How to troubleshoot pfSense (restarting services, connecting with SSH, rebooting)
  • How to create new users
  • Creating widgets for your dashboard
  • How to install and configure OpenVPN from scratch
  • Installing and configuring Squid Proxy and ClamAV
  • How VLans work and how to set up VLans on pfSense


  • A willingness to get your hands dirty and follow along!
  • Basic understanding of networks is helpful but not neccesary
  • A 8GB USB drive & a computer with USB port for the physical appliance part
  • A computer with at least 8GB of RAM for the VirtualBox part (if you want to follow along)
  • In some cases: A NULL-Modem cable for the physical appliance part (depending on the appliance!)
  • Good coffee and a couple of hours time 🙂

Hello, and welcome to the course I hope to take when I start using pfSense. My name is Stefan and I am an officially certified pfSense professional. I am very happy to learn what I know directly from Jim Thompson (CTO and member of the Netgate/pfSense core team).

After completing this course, you will have everything you need to confidently operate all the basic functions of the pfSense firewall. And you know how to easily navigate the firewall. If you want to implement a pfSense firewall in your home network, you can use this knowledge, but you can also integrate and operate a pfSense firewall in a corporate environment.

This is a hands-on course; we encourage you to follow all the steps I did on your own firewall. Please note that you do not need physical equipment to study this course. A computer with 8GB RAM is enough to run pfSense’s virtual machine (introduced in the course). Since I integrated pfSense into my home network many years ago, I immediately fell in love with it. At the time, there were hardly any guides or tutorials on pfSense, so I decided to create my own guide or tutorial, which helped make my YouTube channel and blog one of the most popular resources for pfSense on the Internet.

pfSense worked for a start-up company for several years, where I built a complete hybrid cloud setup using multiple pfSense firewalls, so I saw two worlds.

  • This is the only Udemy course taught by an officially certified pfSense professional
  • Because of the experience with the community of my blog and my YouTube channel, I know what people struggle with most and I pay extra attention to those topics
  • I leave nothing out – I don’t assume you have any prior knowledge
  • Everything is up-to-date – this course was made with pfSense 2.5.2
  • This course will always stay up-to-date. If anything changes, I update the course accordingly

In the end, I also tried to make this course fun. I am not a fan of “dry” content, so I’m throwing a lame dad joke in here and there to loosen things up and keep you motivated.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to better secure their home network
  • Administrators who want to secure their business with cutting-edge firewall technology on the cheap
  • Everyone who wants to learn about firewalls and how they work in general
  • Aspiring students looking for a career in networking & security
  • Cyber Security professionals looking to secure their network and educate themselves on the topic of firewalls
  • Everyone curious to learn more about firewalls and networks


The pfSense Fundamentals Bootcamp 2021

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