The Ultimate Agile Leader Certification Training

The Ultimate Agile Leader Certification Training. Many companies are looking for leaders who can help them move their businesses forward in an agile manner. This is where the Ultimate Agile Leader Certification Training comes in. The program offers leaders the skills they need to be successful in an agile environment, and it is delivered by experts in the field.

Many organizations see the benefits of being agile, but few have the skills necessary to be successful in this leadership. The Ultimate Agile Leader Certification Training is the solution for companies looking for leaders who can help them move their businesses forward in an agile manner.

The ALC certification program offers a comprehensive training curriculum that covers all aspects of leading a successful agile team. The ALC certification program includes courses on leadership, project management, software development, and Scrum. It provides participants with the opportunity to earn a prestigious international credential that reflects their expertise in agile leadership.

The Ultimate Agile Leader Certification Training

You will learn

  • [Up-To-Date Content] Master Agile Leadership & The Scrum Framework
  • [Downloadable] Recap Of Key Concepts – PDF (46 pages) and Audio (mp3) files
  • Discover The Top 4 Behaviors Of The Agile Leader
  • Create An Environment Where People Can Thrive
  • Understand Empiricism & The 3 Pillars That Uphold Scrum
  • How To Navigate Conflicts Within An Agile Team
  • How To Increase The Motivation Of An Agile Team
  • Traditional Management Concepts That Agile Leaders Do Not Do
  • The Difference Between Adaptive and Predictive Approach To Development
  • The Concepts of Iterative and Incremental Development
  • The Velocity Metric And Its Relation To Value
  • Characteristics Of The Scrum Master, Product Owner, and The Developers
  • Characteristics Of The Scrum Events
  • Characteristics Of The Scrum Artifacts & Their Commitments

Who Is This Course For?

I designed this course for people who want to…

  • Add an Agile Leader Certification to their CV.
  • Master the Scrum Framework(TM).
  • Develop an Agile Mindset.

The course is complete and It leaves no room for failure. By the end of it, you will feel confident in your Agile Leadership knowledge.

How Is This Course Organized?

Section 1 – Introduction & Exam Details

  • Roadmap To Success
  • Agile Leader Exam Details
  • Immediately Downloadable Resources
    • Action Items (a PDF file) (Links to Whitepapers, Articles, Videos, and Blog Posts)
    • The 8 Tips To Help You Pass Exams (a PDF file)
    • Recap Slides – (a 46-page PDF file)
    • Recaps – Audio Files (5 mp3 files)
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Section 2 – Agile Principles & Scrum Overview

  • Top benefits of being Agile
  • What Agile Teams must focus on
  • The difference between Agile & Waterfall
  • Agile Planning vs Waterfall Planning
  • The concepts of Iterative & Incremental Development

Section 3 – The Scrum Team (3 Sets Of Accountabilities)

  • The concepts of Cross-Functionality & Self-Management
  • Characteristics of The Scrum Master, The Product Owner, and The Developers.
  • The most misunderstood Scrum value – Commitment

Section 4 – The Scrum Events

  • The Sprint and its main purpose
  • Sprint Planning and answering the three questions – why what & how
  • Daily Scrum (a key inspect & adapt event for the Developers)
  • Sprint Review and why feedback is critically important
  • Sprint Retrospective (the driver of continuous improvement)

Section 5 – The Scrum Artifacts & Their Commitments

  • The Product Backlog (the single source of work undertaken by the Scrum Team)
  • The Sprint Backlog (when does it emerge, who is accountable for it, what happens with the PBIs that are not complete)
  • The Increment (the relationship between the Increment and the Product Backlog, who decides to release it, in what condition should it be)
  • The Product Goal (the long-term objective for the Scrum Team)
  • The Sprint Goal (the objective for the Sprint)
  • The Definition Of Done (who crafts it and why, is it mandatory, can it change)

Section 6 – Agile Leadership

  • The top 4 behaviors of the Agile Leader
  • How to create an environment where people can thrive
  • The importance of working empirically (the best way to fight complexity)
  • How to navigate conflicts and deal with complains
  • The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
    • How to increase intrinsic motivation for long-term success.
  • The 4 stages Agile Teams go through.
  • Concepts from traditional management that hurt Agility.

Section 7 – How To Approach The Exam

  • Discover My Top 8 Tips
  • Free Resources & Recommendations Outside This Course [Plus More Practice Exam Questions]

Section 8 – Practice Exam

  • [Unofficial] Practice Exam #1 (36 Questions – 60 minutes – Passing Score 85%)

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