Ultimate business resource kit for successful business

Ultimate business resource kit for a successful business. Complete resources on video creation, social media marketing, website development, digital marketing, and advertisements.

Business resource kit for successful business Course content

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Introduction1 lecture • 2min

  • Introduction02:21

Video Creation – Free resources and tool collection14 lectures • 6min

  • You want to create video but don’t have the budget to buy expensive video editor00:32
  • You want a video with a video presenter but don’t want to show your face00:28
  • You want to create videos in lightning speed.00:28
  • Ultimate solution for all your content creation00:28
  • You want to make fast paced videos for your business for free?00:28
  • You want to remove watermark from your online created videos00:25
  • You want to create free animated videos for your business or content creation00:30
  • You want to animate your photos00:25
  • You want to shoot videos without forgetting lines00:25
  • You want to create whiteboard animation videos for your business?00:26
  • What if you start creating videos and there are less views?00:28
  • How many videos are enough for my business00:18
  • Do you know how to create motion graphics00:26
  • You want to remove an object from any video without editing skills00:26

Your content writing problem solved – AI content writers8 lectures • 4min

  • You want to write amazing contents for your business00:27
  • You want to create engaging emails for your business00:27
  • You want to write value proposition statements for your brands00:30
  • You want to create marketing campaigns that will make your brand famous.00:30
  • You want to revise existing content00:30
  • You want to regularly post high-quality content on social media00:30
  • You want your website content rank high on google00:30
  • You want to make your ad campaigns more profitable00:30

Illustrations for your website – Problem solved14 lectures • 6min

  • You need illustrations for your website or designs – what to do ?00:27
  • You want to make your content look more interesting with illustrations00:27
  • You want to make your content more emotional by using sleek human illustrations.00:27
  • If you are in a hurry and you badly need illustrations.00:27
  • You want to add modern vibes to your brand.00:27
  • You are a little bit old school and like vintage classic illustrations.00:27
  • If you want to make your content look more branded and appealing00:27
  • You want to make your projects looks more interesting00:27
  • You want to use 3D Icons in your UI designs00:27
  • Do you want the largest icon, illustration, emoji and element sets in the world.00:27
  • Do you want to get breath-taking designs and convert your visitors to customers00:27
  • Do you want to get free loaders & spinners for your next project?00:27
  • Are you searching for the perfect solutions for your design needs?00:27
  • Do you want to create minimal, unique and playful avatars for free?00:26

Website, apps and landing pages for your business6 lectures • 2min

  • You need a landing page for selling your product00:16
  • You want to make apps for your business without taking much time and less money00:20
  • Do you want to build an application and launch your app 10x faster?00:20
  • You want to start a business and want to build applications without code00:20
  • You want to create an app for your startup or clients without designing skills00:20
  • You are going to launch a startup and want to build a website apt for your needs00:20

Social media marketing tools and resources.11 lectures • 5min

  • You want to make your social media posts more engaging00:26
  • You want to bring attractive social media posts, videos and other design kit00:26
  • You want to make social media posts go viral.00:26
  • You want to make strong social media strategy00:26
  • You want to make your profile pic look professional and amazing00:26
  • You want to create professional social media assets for your business or clients00:26
  • You want to make your content more appealing by using modern fonts00:26
  • You want to improve social media engagement using memes00:26
  • You want to automate your social media posts in multiple platforms00:26
  • You want to resize an image for social media posts00:26
  • Do you know how to make Instagram analytics to google sheets00:26

Your Branding problem solved – Branding solutions6 lectures • 3min

  • You want to make your brand unique and outstanding?00:25
  • You want to make your content look more appealing?00:25
  • You want to make your brand identity next level.00:25
  • You want to find a powerful brand name00:27
  • You want to choose unique colors for your brand00:27
  • Do you want to create an outstanding logo animation for your business00:27

Your Website Ranking problem solved – SEO solutions4 lectures • 2min

  • Do you know how to find trending topics for your content?00:28
  • Are you Searching for a Powerful SEO Toolbox for your Browser?00:28
  • Do you want to increase your website ranking and get more traffic?00:28
  • Are you searching for an Audience Research Tool?00:28

Your AI Friends – other amazing AI tools4 lectures • 2min

  • You want to convert black and white images to color00:26
  • You want to get texts from a video, it can be difficult to type it yourself00:26
  • You want to write an application and you are out of time00:26
  • If you want to draw pictures quickly00:26

Your Strategy building & management problems solved-Execution Resources & Tools11 lectures • 5min

  • If you want your campaign to be more successful, using good marketing copy can00:30
  • You want your ads to be more successful00:30
  • If your website is different from other websites, you need to use the latest tre00:30
  • If you want your email marketing to convert leads, you need to use better copy00:28
  • If you want your startup to do well, you need good mentors and lot of resources00:28
  • Do you want to make products that people want00:28
  • Do you want expert mentors to help you in brand building00:30
  • Do you want to find free tool for any software out there?00:30
  • If you want to know how well your designs are understood by customers00:30
  • You need a good strategy and to communicate it with the team00:30
  • Do you want to get best results from your ads?00:30

Your YouTube marketing problems solved – YouTube Marketing Tools3 lectures • 1min

  • Are you trying to boost your YouTube views?00:25
  • Do you want an extension that you can use for Youtube SEO in order to improve00:25
  • Do you want a new software for YouTube SEO?00:25

Your Email marketing problems solved – Email Marketing Tools1 lecture • 1min

  • Do You Want To Deliver 100 Free Emails A Day?00:25

Your Lead generation problems are solved – Lead Generation Tools1 lecture • 1min

  • Are you searching for an Email Finder Extension for your business?00:27

Your Raw Creative content problems solved – Free stock videos and images Tools4 lectures • 2min

  • Do You Want Free Copyright Photos and Videos to Use for Your Business00:28
  • Are you searching for a website that gives high-resolution pictures free for yo00:28
  • Do you want to know about a website that gives photos, illustrations, videos,00:28
  • Do you want to know about a website that allows you to download 4K drone video00:28

Congratulations – You have completed the course!1 lecture • 1min


  • No programming skills needed.


Are you trying to start and grow your business?

Are you trying to increase your earnings by beginning new ventures?

Are you sick of outsourcing your business-related marketing to other firms?

Video creation, social media marketing, website development, digital marketing, advertisements

If all these are getting out of control….

If all these are out of budget …..

Please watch this complete video we have complete resources for you to start and grow your business.

Hey there, my name is Ancy and I’m an entrepreneur. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for resources to help you start and grow your business.

And yes, there are many advanced tools which are actually FREE.

These tools help to automate and skyrocket your productivity.

With these tools, you can just start your business without costly equipment or without the help of costly service packages.

But there is a problem.

Even though all these resources can be found online.

They are scattered and often very difficult to find.

Some people are sharing these tools in their Instagram videos, you are not getting all this information in one place.

That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate business resource kit. It includes all the tools that you need in one place so that you can get started right away.

Why you should join us?

Because all these resources and tools are introduced directly in our videos without any jargon.

We constantly update this list.

The tools are arranged in different categories. For eg. in the video creation section, you will get introduced to many AI tools which can create videos automatically with just text input.

Do you know there is an AI tool which can write a full blog post by just entering a topic?

You will get the details of this tool also.

And we will regularly solve the common problems you will face as a new business person or freelancer through new video tutorials.

So let’s dive deep into the most advanced tools and resources.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is trying to build a business or any projects
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