Understand the drone mechanics, design and building a drone

Understand the drone mechanics, design, and building a drone paid course free. You will learn the basic principles and the steps required to build your own drone

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Understand the drone mechanics Course Description

The basic drone course is a detailed course that starts with the basic advantages of drones. It provides various advantages, disadvantages, and different types and components of UAVs. As we understand the definition of drones, we have studied the basic principles of drone operations in-depth and learned about different drone terms such as cruising speed, endurance, range, manual and autonomous modes, and various other terms.

How to design your own drone. First, understand how to convert requirements into specifications, and determine drone types and drone payload requirements based on the specifications.

Once determined, you can start designing and selecting various components, such as frames, motors, propellers, flight controllers, and payloads. Once all these components have been selected, this course will introduce step by step how to build a drone.

It’s not just construction. After the construction is completed, what series of tests and inspections need to be carried out before the drone performs its mission? The course also discussed the NPNT and DGCA regulatory systems, which discussed how to legally fly drones in India and how to obtain DGCA certification. The course is also updated with the latest rules existing in this space. One of the main parts covered in this course is field-based drone design and drone applications.

We talk about drone design in various fields, such as agriculture, emergency response, mining, warehousing, delivery, surveillance and patrol, and heavy-duty drones. Finally, let’s talk about the requirements to become a drone pilot in India. We discussed the various requirements and knowledge required for drone pilots and the different places that provide pilot certification in India.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to build a drone or create a drone startup or become a drone pilot in the future

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/fundamentals-of-drone-design-aerodynamics-and-flight/

Understand the drone mechanics

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