Understanding Medical English: Pharmacy and Medications

Understanding Medical English: Pharmacy and Medications paid course free. You will Gain confidence communicating with English-speaking patients in this complete course.

  • Learn the basics of the US pharmacy system, including licensing, reading an insurance card, and key identifiers to know.
  • Learn to counsel patients on a wide variety of medical devices.
  • Improve reading comprehension.
  • Learn about a lot of free resources to help learn English in the medical setting.
  • Learn from a native-English speaking, US-licensed pharmacist!

Understanding Medical English: Pharmacy and Medications Course Requirements

  • Be interested in improving your English ability in the medical and/or pharmacy setting.

Understanding Medical English: Pharmacy and Medications Course Description

This course will help medical professionals gain confidence in their medical English communication and reading skills, specifically with pharmacy and medications.

In this course, you will learn how to provide consultations to patients in English on various drug delivery devices, have the opportunity to understand clinical topics, learn how to correctly pronounce some of the most common drugs and medical conditions, and learn related concepts. Basic knowledge We will also review the licensing process for American pharmacists. In order to improve reading ability, there are 5 reading comprehension exercises.

All these articles are articles in the pharmaceutical industry, so you will be exposed to the vocabulary used in the pharmaceutical environment to better understand the articles you read. I will also provide a few links where you can listen and read medical and pharmaceutical English for free.

Therefore, you can keep practicing and improving! Finally, the pronunciation dictionary contains a large number of downloadable medical and pharmaceutical vocabulary recordings, including slow and natural spoken language.

This course is ideal for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals. People whose native language is not English and are interested in improving their ability to communicate with English-speaking patients. It will also help healthcare professionals who are interested in obtaining a license and working in an English-speaking country.

Who this course is for:

  • Medical professionals who are non-native speakers of English

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/understanding-medical-english/

Understanding Medical English: Pharmacy and Medications

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