Understanding Microservices Architecture

Understanding Microservices Architecture paid course free. You will Learn the E2E perspective on Microservices with Fundamentals, Patterns, Technologies & Samples in Crisp & Concise Manner

  • Fundamentals of Microservices Architecture
  • Core Principles to Design and Model Microservices
  • Spring Boot & Spring Cloud based sample implementations
  • Service Interactions: Patterns like Circuit Breaker, Service Mesh and many more
  • Deployment Models, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Test Strategies – Blue Green Deployments, Canary Releasing
  • Monitoring Strategies
  • Key Mantras for Successful Implementations

Understanding Microservices Architecture Course Requirements

  • Must be a software professional
  • Experience in Development, Testing or DevOps
  • Awareness on Software Architecture & Design

Understanding Microservices Architecture Course Description

Modeling Microservices

We will understand how to model the services, their boundaries based on the core principles.

Managing Data in Microservices

In this section, we will understand how to manage data, transactions, and reporting aspects.

Integrating Microservices

We will understand the service interactions more in detail. This includes multiple design patterns and technologies including service discovery, circuit breaker, API gateway, service mesh, and many more.

Deploying Microservices

We will understand the continuous integration and continuous deployment aspects of microservices architecture along with the hosting models, hosting options, and container technologies.

Testing Microservices

We will understand “How to test services”, “What are the different strategies and mindset”. We will look into the validation strategies like blue-green deployments, canary releasing, etc.

Monitoring Microservices

We will cover aspects like logging, monitoring, and alerts. We will discuss the patterns like log patterns log aggregation, distributed tracing. We will also discuss the monitoring of infrastructure, services, and user journeys in this section.

We will also check out the key mantras to successfully implement this architecture.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Professionals interested in understanding Microservices Architecture

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Understanding Microservices Architecture

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