VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition

VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition paid course free. You will learn to code a Landing Page with Vue 3 & Tailwindcss in this complete course.

  • Build a Landing Page with Vue
  • Learn best practices of Front-End development
  • Install Tailwindcss on a Vue project
  • Learn Tailwindcss, from basics to customisation
  • Transform a template into a real single-page-application
  • Organize a clean architecture for a Vue project

VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition Course Requirements

  • JavaScript basics
  • Vue basics

VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition Course Description

Vue has become very popular in the past few years.
Tailwindcss has also become a very popular CSS framework.

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This course will introduce you to front-end development by combining these two amazing frameworks. Welcome to VueJS 3 and Tailwindcss: Landing Page Edition! My name is Guillaume Duhan, a senior front-end developer freelancer for 10 years.

I will show you how to create your first landing page using Vue and Tailwindcss in less than two hours. I will provide you with everything you need to start using Vue and Tailwindcss. I even designed a template for you: the Porsche Taycan homepage that I personally reviewed.

In short, you will learn how to: use Vite & Tailwindcss to install and configure Vue 3, analyze design, select architecture, organize your work, create views and components, use responsive data, attachments and methods, understand the context of Vue, Fully integrate the design with Tailwind, use classes, grids and respond with Tailwind, create and implement your project online, Pixel Perfect Discipline… etc.

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This course is suitable for absolute beginners. I will slowly explain each command I will enter step by step. However, I will also show you how to work quickly and efficiently. Developers must be knowledgeable, but they must also make decisions quickly. That’s why I will integrate this landing page with you for the first time under your nose, so if you want to discover Vue & Tailwind we go on this incredible adventure together, you will not regret it. !

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Who this course is for:

  • javascript developers
  • beginners


VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition

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