Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners free download paid course from google drive. You will By Award Winning Artist I Paint Complete Landscape Scenes I Winter I Spring I Summer I Autumn in this complete course.

  • Paint complete landscape scenes
  • Paint branches and trees
  • Mix different colors with only 4 tubes of paint
  • Paint Water Reflections
  • Colorful Skies
  • Distant Mountains and Trees
  • Paint a Winter scene
  • Paint a Spring scene
  • Paint a Summer scene
  • Paint an Autumn Scene

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners Course Requirements

  • Know the basics of wet on dry and wet on wet painting

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners Course Description

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners

By Award Winning Artist I Paint Complete Landscape Scenes I Winter I Spring I Summer I Autumn

I’d say that he is a patient teacher and a very effective communicator. He is also organized and gets to the point so you have more time to learn. He is also funny which makes the class more fun. Time just flew by because he showed passion in his art and it was obvious when he taught. – Suzie Ang

Have you always wanted to paint a landscape scene?

Landscape painting can be seen as

taking small, individual activities

and putting them together into one complete painting.

Now how do we put it all together?

The big secret to painting landscapes

is not how much you need to know,

but what you need to know, first

and I’m here to teach you.

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners


My live watercolor painting workshops have given me the opportunity to target and isolate very specific challenges about the painting process,

from a learner’s point of view, and then break them down into short laser-focused lessons.

I found that these challenges are multi-layered and overlapping,

making it difficult to know where to begin.

This is why you may feel you’re taking 1 step forward and 4 steps back.

My Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners course peels away those layers,

then simplifies them into short focused lessons,

allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time, to get you to the next level.

Succeeding lessons will have their own short, focused sessions that gradually build on top of the previous.


● I’ve distilled traditional art theory & practice into their fundamental essence

● I use easy to understand language (aka no artsy fartsy terminologies)

● I thoughtfully produce my material and content: Straight to the point. No extra fluff.


The way information is presented, oddly enough, has an enormous impact on what you learn,

how fast you learn and how you apply it. (Sometimes whether you learn at all!)

I designed this course to build new information on top of what you already know. Think Lego.

● New lessons introduce new techniques & reinforce what you learned in previous lessons

● Lessons include carefully designed activities to match the skill level

● Lessons are concise but packed with only relevant information

“Thank you so much Broderick! This was a nice experience for me. I never knew I would fall in love with watercolour. I like the way you teach, it is easy to pick up and everything makes sense to me. Hoping to continue my journey with watercolour.” Joanne Whang


Knowing differs from understanding.

Random tips and tricks are good for 1-time activities,

but have you tried painting something else after

and felt like it sent you straight back to kindergarten?

I’ve been there before. (A few times actually. Sigh.)

You need a stronger foundation to fall back on.

Understanding what you’re doing with your watercolor will take you much further.

● Too much control = Overworked, muddy paintings

● Too much spontaneity = One big-happy-accident-type-of-paintings

● Controlled spontaneity = Fresh, glowing, transparent paintings


“I need to tidy up my work space”

“Those plants look like they need a little drink today”

“The cat needs…another bath!”

“I thought that I was more experienced than beginners but I found out that I had a lot to learn. It was very different from other classes I have taken. Yours focuses on each specific technique. I have to tell you that I learned these techniques better in your class. I also learned things that no one had told me before. In other classes I have taken they showed us some of these techniques but didn’t spend as much time on them. They spent more time painting. I really enjoyed learning these things and I felt a sense of accomplishment after mastering them. I think they will stay with me better.” ~ Chris Mclaren


There’s painting for fun, and then there’s painting to learn while having fun.

The course videos are professionally produced to educate and entertain.

This balance ensures a variety of presentations, instruction, humor and pacing!

● Painting for fun = Just playing with paints, there is not much technique to take away.

● Painting to learn = Heavy on theory and drills.

● Painting to learn while having fun equips you with what you need to know, right away, so you can enjoy the watercolor painting process more.



I’m here to help you think like water.

The more you understand, the less uncertainty there is, the more excited you will be to paint.

You will first learn how to control your watercolor.

Then I’ll show you how to just let it do what it wants.

This is what I call, Controlled Spontaneity: A give and take between you and the watercolor.

You will learn how to use water, to do different wet on wet techniques, ones that are a far departure from beginner techniques.

“I liked the fun energy of each class with some laughter! The examples and what we could produce with each project gave excitement to the possibilities of each project! I loved learning all the different techniques and was super excited to learn another! The results of each project were simple enough to truly reach great results!” ~ Cynthia Cleator

Q1: I don’t have strong drawing skills, should I take a drawing class first?

You don’t need to know how to draw.

Since the focus of the lessons are about painting and not drawing,

I will teach you a quick and easy way to sketch (that even kids can do!)

so you can start painting right away.

Q2: I had done so little watercolour painting before and I quit from frustration. “What makes your course different from others?”

My course is professionally produced:

● All videos are shot in high definition

● Over the head shots showing my entire set up

● Close-up shots for color mixing

● Clear and consistent audio/commentary

● Combination of energetic and relaxed pacing

● Casual conversations vs. formal lectures

● Receive the information in small segments. No over explaining.

● Animation/Visual Cues to let you know where I want you to focus on

● Fun activities with new challenges in each lesson to build up technique and application

This is not your typical, traditional course.

My live watercolor painting workshops have allowed me to refine the lessons into what they are today,breaking down the watercolor process even more into its most essential concepts.

“I would describe it as a controlled, guided, step-by-step approach to the basics of doing watercolour, taught by an excellent artist, with a wonderful manner and people skills. Excellent refresher for those with some experience.” ~ Bruce Raber

Q3: Things are quite busy with work/kids/life. What if I don’t finish the lesson?

These lessons are available anytime you need them, wherever you are in the world.

Learn at your own pace as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.


So do you want to know how to paint differently, with the materials that you already have and paint breathtaking landscapes by the end of the course?

Then enroll now! Build your skills and finally paint complete scenes using color, with water.

I’ll see you inside.

“I went home yesterday excited about the watercolour painting we worked on in class and looked up different patterns I could draw out and paint for a mother’s day gift. A circle with flowers and ivy and thinking of putting the word Love in the middle for a nice gift for my mom. So I guess you can say you’ve inspired me to want to paint more! Thank you for that.” – Emma Atherton

Your demonstration is so detailed and easy to understand. The subjects you were creating for us to paint are also interesting and impressive as well. Now, I find a new way to paint watercolour and don’t panic anymore. – Alice Peng

Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner watercolor painters and enthusiasts
  • Watercolor Painting for Beginner Graduates
  • Watercolor Painting Beginner Next Level Techniques and Effect Graduates

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Watercolor Painting Landscapes For Beginners Course Download Now

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