Web Automation Using TestCafe in easy steps

Web automation using TestCafe is an important skill for any software engineer. This course provides a step-by-step guide to automating your testing process using the TestCafe platform. You will learn how to create test scripts, configure the environment, and run tests.

TestCafe is a powerful and versatile web automation tool. It allows you to automate the testing of web applications, making it a valuable tool for QA engineers and developers alike. In this article, we will show you how to use TestCafe to Automate the Testing of a Web Application.

TestCafe is a powerful and easy-to-use test automation tool for web applications. It’s ideal for automating common web testing tasks, such as verifying forms, checking page content, and verifying links. TestCafe also has features for more advanced testing, such as unit testing and end-to-end testing.

Web Automation Using TestCafe in easy steps

TestCafe is fast and reliable, making it perfect for large web applications. And because it’s open source, you can customize it to fit your needs.

You will Learn

  • Students will learn web automation using the TestCafe tool
  • Students will be able to automate e2e test cases after completing this series
  • Students will be able to design a framework in TestCafe
  • Students will learn continuous integration

TestCafe is a popular open-source test automation framework that supports multiple browsers, dynamic waits, and reports. It’s used by developers to automate web tests.

End-to-end testing, simplified

No WebDriver required.

No manual timeouts needed.

Cross-browser testing out-of-the-box.

Why people love TestCafe

=> 1 Minute to Set Up

=> Clean Code

=> Free and Open Source

=> Good Community Support

Test in every browser that matters

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Don’t let Internet Explorer push you over the Edge. Run your tests in desktop browsers and headless browsers. Connect to remote testing servers, mobile devices, and cloud browser farms.

With Just one command setUp will be done i.e npm i -g testcafe

It hardly takes < minute to execute our first test

In this course, we will learn end to end about TestCafe which is one of the popular test automation frameworks which supports multiple browsers, dynamic waits, etc

=>Initially we will talk about Installation then we will slowly progress to writing out the first test and executing it then we will talk about the test case configuration file.

=> Then we will discuss how to run our tests in headless mode in different browsers & also run them in multiple browsers at the same time parallelly

=> Then we see how to take screenshots in different ways

=> Then some basic actions like click, hover, DoubleClick, hypertext, etc &  We will write some assertions for validating the text

=> Finally we will discuss page objects, reporting & CI CD

Note: This course is still in the development phase, so please expect updates in the course structure now and then.

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