Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements

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Web Components Stencil Js Build Custom HTML Elements

Create reusable HTML elements that you can use in your own projects or share with other developers
Overcome the limitations of built-in HTML elements using the power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Web Components Stencil Js Build Custom HTML Elements

Requires basic JavaScript knowledge (basic syntax, DOM basics, object basics)
ES6 + JavaScript knowledge (classes etc.) is a plus, but should not be

Let’s face it: you have thousands of HTML tags to choose from, but there are some that don’t really help (<Tobs>, <Side-Drawer>, <Model>,…).

What if you could create your own HTML tags?

Web components are a combination of various features that burn to the browser. It’s great to get started with these features and you can build your own powerful, reusable (in projects!) Custom HTML elements.

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Such custom elements do not replace Angular, Reactive, or View – you can easily use them in any web project, including projects that use such frameworks and libraries.

But we don’t stop there. The easier it is to get started, the more difficult stuff is to create. Stencil.js is easy to create such native web stuff using advanced features like TypeScript and JSX (don’t you know? Don’t worry, you’ll learn it, of course!).

In detail, in this course you will learn:

How to build reusable and lightweight custom HTML elements with native browser features
How to Build Web Components of All Problems – From Simple Tooltips to Models or Side Drawers
How to transfer data to your own web elements and how to use it there
How to output your own custom events that you can listen to in JavaScript

How to Use Shadow DOM to Scope Your CSS Styles to Your Custom Elements Web Components Stencil Js Build Custom HTML Elements
How to use Stencil.J to get a very easy development workflow
How to use the many features provided by Stencil.js to make native web stuff more efficient
How to deploy/reuse your own web components in any project using any Javascript framework such as Angular, Reactive, or View (or none!)

Web Components Stencil Js Build Custom HTML Elements

Must have basic JavaScript knowledge
ES6 Javascript knowledge (const, let, classes,…) is strongly recommended, but certainly not required – a small refresher is provided as part of the course
Don’t know about the Javascript framework (eg Angular, Response, View)
No need for TypeScript or JSX knowledge

Let’s get together with this exciting technology!

Who is this course:
Everyone who wants to make custom HTML tags!
Students who want to go for future proof web technology that can be used in any web application
Created by Maximilian Schwarz Mueller, Maximilian Schwarz Mueller
Last updated 7/2021

Size: 3.99 GB

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