Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals

Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals paid course free. You will learn the basics of Windows Server Administration and kick start your IT career as an IT Administrator

  • What Windows Server is and its uses
  • Concepts behind Windows Server installation
  • What server roles are
  • How Active Directory plays a part in Windows Server administration
  • The various storage options for Windows Server storage
  • Managing performance in Windows Server
  • Concepts for maintaining Windows server

Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals Course Requirements

  • Familiarity with Windows operating systems


This course focuses on the absolute basics of Windows Server administration. Think of this as the fundamentals needed to get you off the ground before pursuing the more intermediate-level content associated with Windows Server administration.

This course is mostly conceptual with demonstrations to illustrate concepts and tools. It starts from absolute scratch, with things like “What is a server and what does it do?” and takes you all the way to installing and configuring roles and features, configuring storage, installing and configuring Active Directory,  working with GPOs, monitoring servers, and much more, the only necessary prerequisites being some familiarity with Windows client operating systems (Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.)

By the end of this course, you’ll have a good idea of how Windows Server works and what its capabilities are and you will be comfortable with basic Windows Server Administration.

This course is designed to get you started as quickly as possible. There are a variety of self-paced learning activities. You will get:

  • Video lectures on each topic explaining each concept thoroughly with examples (and Demonstrations where applicable)
  • Links to additional resources/blogs/videos for further documentation and more in depth details reading.

Enroll now in Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals and start learning about all fundamental concepts of Windows Server Administration, and also start your IT career as an IT Administrator.

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Who this course is for:

  • Any IT enthusiast who wants to learn about administering Windows Servers


Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals

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