WordPress Development – Themes, Plugins & Gutenberg

Free Course- WordPress Development Themes Plugins Gutenberg free download the course from Google drive. Welcome to WordPress Development Course. This is a very comprehensive and effective course on WordPress development around.

This is the only course you need to learn about WordPress development.

WordPress currently has over 50% of the market share on the web. WordPress is an absolutely dominant force and its popularity is constantly growing. One good thing about WordPress is that it is easily extensible. T

WordPress Development Themes Plugins Gutenberg

In this course, I will teach you how to create your own plugins and themes. This course is designed for those who really want to learn WordPress inside and out. Never left the stone. This course will help you become one of the most competitive blog developers out there. No matter how hard you work, you can develop custom plugins and themes.

WordPress Development Themes Plugins Gutenberg

You can expect high quality and the latest tutorials. This course uses the latest versions of software development including PHP (7.x), Twitter Bootstrap (4.x), and MySQL / MariaDB (5.x).

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Here is an overview of what you want to learn.

Take the static HTML Bootstrap template and turn it into a fully functional WordPress theme.
Expand the functionality of your theme using the WordPress Customizer API. Work with a variety of fields, from simple text fields to color picker and a file uploader.

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Learn how to write scalable code and write clean, effective, secure, and reusable code. WordPress coding standards range from PHP to JavaScript and CSS.
Use the template hierarchy properly and create your own custom templates for more unique designs.

Create your own custom widgets to display your own content.
Create plugins that enhance the core functionality of WordPress.
Develop custom post types for content that gives you the flexibility to curate the content you want.

Learn about different ways to create your own custom admin forms and securely process data.
Want to know about WooCommerce and BuddyPress development? That’s covered too! The theme we created is fully compatible with these 2 plugins. We also customize the look and feel to fit our needs.

WordPress Development Themes Plugins Gutenberg Course Details

Other topics include licensing, translations, security, transients, authentication, front-end publishing, shortcodes, and more!

The following are the APIs covered: Dashboard Widgets, API, Database API, HTTP API, Metadata API, Options API, Plugins API, REST API, Rewrite API, Settings API, Shortcode API, Theme Modification API, Transients API.

On top of everything, you’ll also learn how to create your own Gutenberg blocks. Take advantage of WordPress 5’s newest feature!

Don’t believe in your React and JavaScript skills? This is totally fine! Returning skills

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