Working with React and Go (Golang)

Working with React and Go (Golang) paid course free. You will Learn how to build a single page application in React, with data supplied by a Go back end REST API

Working with React and Go (Golang) Course Requirements

  • A basic knowledge of the Go programming language
  • A basic knowledge of Javascript
  • A basic knowledge of HTML

Working with React and Go (Golang) Course Description

React and Go are something of a match made in heaven. React is the world’s most popular JavaScript library for building Single Page Applications, and Go is uniquely well-suited for building REST back ends. That is what this course is all about.

Learn how to develop and deploy a fast, secure web application built using the most popular and in-demand JavaScript front end (React), with one of the most popular and powerful programming languages for the back end (Go).

React is an open-source, front end JavaScript library for building UIs or UI segments. React is kept up with by Facebook and a local area of designers and organizations. React can be utilized as a base in the advancement of single-page or versatile applications. React is the most mainstream front-end JavaScript library in the field of web advancement, and is utilized by some notable associations, including Netflix, Instagram, and the New York Times. With React, we assemble quick, intelligent UIs.

Go is a cutting edge, type safe, ordered, and incredibly quick programming language. It is obviously appropriate for building protected, adaptable, amazingly quick REST APIs and web applications, and is likewise utilized by huge organizations around the wold, including Netflix, Instagram, and the New York Times.

In case you were focusing, you may have seen some cross-over there – similar enormous organizations utilizing React are additionally utilizing Go. There is a justification that, and we will investigate that explanation in this course.

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In this course we will go over the center essentials of React, including the React life cycle, parts, useful segments, props, state, and then some. We will likewise cover calling a distant API (both one we fabricate, and an outsider API), and substantially more.

In the initial segment of the course, we’ll fabricate an application utilizing React class segments, and afterward, when that is finished, we’ll revamp the whole application utilizing capacities and snares. Despite the fact that snares and capacities appear to the future for React, there are in a real sense a huge number of lines of code out there constructed utilizing classes, so realize how to work with React utilizing the two classes and capacities and snares.

We will likewise cover getting demands toward the back, both as JSON and as GraphQL, and returning that reaction as JSON.

To tie down admittance to validated clients for specific pieces of our webpage, we will likewise investigate how to create and utilize JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

This course is not intended for absolute beginners. I expect that you have some experience in JavaScript and Go, and a good knowledge of HTML.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are somewhat familiar with Go & JavaScript


Working with React and Go (Golang)

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